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Re-Discovering Bands You Used To Love

If you are in the UK, you may have come across a store called That's Entertainment. We think it's a great idea, selling 2nd hand CDs and DVDs at low prices, with lots of multi-buy offers (3 for £5, some 10 for £10), as it gives the opportunity to pick up albums that you missed or the ones where you liked a couple of singles but were unsure of the rest. It also gives you a way to re-visit some of those bands that you, for whatever reason, fell out of love with. Which brings us neatly to the subject of this blog, our recent re-discovery of the Manic Street Preachers. 
In our University days, the Manics were the epitome of indie-cool. Their first two albums weren't perfect but they had some awesome moments and anthems to drunkenly bop around to. The band had the swagger of youth and they certainly talked a good fight in the music rags of the day. They were marmite; you loved or hated them, and then they released The Holy Bible; a barrage of bile, self-pity and anger. It was every disaffected young man's dream. It still stands up today as a beacon of what music can be. 
However, after the loss of Richie, what did they go and do? They only went and became popular! We loved Everything Must Go on release, but by the time This Is My Truth came out, we were kinda done with them. Why? Perhaps it was the over-exposure as part of the whole Brit Pop phenomenon, being part of the pall-y TFI Friday/Chris Evans crowd or even the temerity to write stadium filling anthems and not three minute rants of self-loathing. Whereas Blur reacted against fame and fortune, the Manics appeared to embrace it; how very dare they! Plus, there were other new groups to discover, new styles of music. We had a good run love, but it's over... 
Of course, we now look back with wiser eyes (and ears) and realise it was entirely our loss. Why wouldn't a band want to be as popular as it can be? Having struggled for years to get heard and appreciated, why wouldn't you want to embrace every opportunity offered to you? The Manics weren't swallowed by the main-stream, they just brought their own particular brand into the melting pot.


It is therefore turning out to be a great pleasure to re-discover some of their works of the last fifteen years that we missed out on through our naivety. First was This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours, which is worth the 99p we paid just for You Stole The Sun From My Heart (though it still sounds like JDB is singing "...from my arse"), let alone the other gems on it. However it was Send Away The Tigers that really blew us away. What a gem of an album; concise and precise, epic yet still personal. The Manic Street Preachers, national treasures indeed! 
So, we end this blog with a question, which band(s) have you re-discovered lately? 
Peace & Love




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