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Our Albums of 2013




Well 2013 has seen an exceptional number of great albums being released, its been hard to keep up. From great new bands to the re-emergence of some classic rock stars, there has been plenty to listen to, love and debate. Here are some of our picks...


Queens Of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork

Songs For The Deaf was a hard act to follow and the last two QOTSA albums haven't really been to our liking so it was with great joy that with ...Like Clockwork, they re-discovered their best form. The melancholy lyrics linked to some great riffs gave us a powerful and moving album.


Black Sabbath - 13

The album nobody expected, and then when it was announced, we were all surprised how good it was. OK, in terms of song-writing, it is a little bit like a "Greatest Hits" with hints of their first 5 albums scattered throughout but there is a class to these metal gods that we have missed for so long. If they never make another record, this is a fitting end to an epic career.


David Bowie - The Next Day

From out of silence, Bowie returned to show us that not only was he still capable of making a great album, he was capable of making a spectacular one. Choked full of brilliant songs; a voice that resonates with anger one moment and then crumbles with regret the next. Sheer genius.


John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts

While John's been around a while now, we hadn't encountered him until this release. It reminds us of Beck, though it doesn't sound like Beck, by which we mean it has songs that would perhaps be quite ordinary that are taken to another level by the fusion of electro elements. The bile in some of the lyrics is quite unnerving and then moments later they are almost humorous. Some lovely backing vocals from Sinead O'connor too.


Hey! Hello! - Hey! Hello!

The one-man songwriting factory Ginger Wildheart really hit new heights with this glorious power-pop debut collaboration with Victoria Liedtke. Fast, furious and harmonious, this is the kind of album that gives that summer feeling all year round.


Ghost B.C. - Infestissumam

It's easy to get distracted by the image of Ghost B.C., which is much more than a marketing scam their detractors would imply. With this release, they established themselves as authors of fine classic-rock influenced songs. Where other satanic bands have gone down the path of distorted vocals and thrash guitars, Ghost B.C. stay their hand to produce some truly memorable and melodic music. Their recent EP extended their range, and our respect, further.


Suede - Bloodsports

Another return, another triumph. This album encapsulates everything that was great about Suede's debut album without being a re-hash or inferior. At times, Brett Anderson's voice is heart-breaking, at others it soars. One of the finest voices Britain has ever produced.


California X - California X

In the dictionary, under the term slacker-rock there should just be a picture of this album, for it is the quintessential embodiment of that term. Grungy guitars, muffled vocals and pounding drums; both unfocused and driven. A magnificent debut.


The Good Natured - Prism

We haven't heard this album, only the single 5-HT, which was truly epic, and it should have been a highlight of the year for pop lovers. Unfortunately, what it represents is the utter bone-headed stupidity and cuntery of the end-days of the record business. Instead of developing new talent, they would rather farm another pop-muppet clone churning out covers and crap and as such, TGN's debut was never released. We wish them luck in their new venture.


So that's our choices, why not let us know what albums made your list!


Peace & Love


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