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New Dawn, New Beginnings...

Welcome to the world of Feast Of Friends!


We are Feast Of Friends, a collective of like-minded musicians who want to write and record music about the trials and disappointments of the modern world. The way we look at it is that life can often be a trial and Feast Of Friends are the stenographer.

Finally, we have our own home on the internet. Whilst social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace etc. their benefits, you have to conform to their rules and layout, and put up with adverts, popups, links and other undesireable features that are out of your control. So, what you see here is Feast Of Friends central, under our control. If there is any news or a new release from Feast Of Friends, you'll hear it here first.


Please browse the site, listen to the songs, read the lyrics, leave feedback, maybe even *ahem* buy a few tracks!


Peace & Love


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